A great big thank you for an amazing year!

Truth In Beauty Consulting is blessed to have had a wonderful year providing service to our clients. As of April 1, 2014, TIB is taking a hiatus from consulting services to pursue another opportunity in this wonderful world of skin care. Thank you for embracing TIB and the desire to make the beauty industry a better place for leaders, service providers, and most importantly, our clients. Please continue to enjoy the information provided on our blog page.

If you need to find us, please refer to our contact page to send us a note.



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Why Choose Us

Industry Experience & Expertise

Truth In Beauty Consulting has experience that spans the beauty and skincare marketplace over the course of fifteen years. Truth In Beauty Consulting has spent significant time in a variety of environments including day spas, medical spas, cosmetic/plastic surgery, dermatology, and retail, and has collaborated with a variety of roles such as reception, sales, direct service, and management.

Customized Strategies

Truth In Beauty Consulting honors that each business is unique and requires success strategies that are specific to its needs. Truth In Beauty Consulting identifies areas in need of improvement and creates solutions that are unique to an organization’s culture and team including: operational and treatment protocols, compensation structures and job mobility, examination of new treatment platforms to determine their efficacy, market value, and scalability for an individual business, and marketing initiatives such as (1) electronic and print media submissions, (2) patient brochures and collateral and (3) in-house events and open houses.

Quality Training & Continuing Education

Truth In Beauty Consulting is able to develop and deliver customized training programs for each member of your staff, provide ongoing educational and resource support for your facility, assist staff members in distribution and sales of product, and can create, manage, and execute timetables for ongoing training initiatives.

Proven Results

Truth In Beauty Consulting has a track record of increasing business and sales within a variety of organizational environments, including ground-up development of a successful cosmetic dermatology program for a major health care institution in Chicago.

Company Profile

Founded in 2013, Truth In Beauty Consulting has committed itself to partnering with business that provide clients services in the beauty and wellness industries to set a higher standard for how we operate, educate, and deliver service.


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